Discrimination and Harassment Claims

Employment Discrimination & Harassment

Employment discrimination in its various forms, including hostile work environment harassment, has been part of the employment landscape for decades.  Yet those problems persist in the modern workplace and claims are filed.  Suits often arise when an employee feels they were treated unfairly or attribute disciplinary actions or negative performance appraisals to a discriminatory motive or bias. Employees also sometimes feel targeted for negative treatment in the workplace because of their personal characteristics.

EAG has significant experience defending all manner of disparate treatment and disparate impact discrimination claims, as well as cases of hostile work environment cases based on gender, race, sexual orientation, or inclusion in one of the many protected categories under federal or state law.

EAG also has significant experience defending businesses in disability discrimination cases where it is alleged that the employer did not reasonably accommodate an applicant or employee.

EAG handles all of the following types of Equal Employment Opportunity issues, among others:

  • Hostile work sexual environment harassment
  • Hostile work environment race-based harassment
  • Discriminatory Treatment
  • Unequal pay
  • Reasonable accommodation of disabilities
  • Interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations
  • Internal responses to employee claims of policy violations

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