“Every employer needs a Steven, better yet Steve!”

“Steve has bailed us out of several bs claims and helped us out a ton with our small family run business. Our co has used his expertise in handling everything from discrimination claims, false termination claims and employee theft. If I ever need any employee advice Steve is always quick to respond and very sharp. Like I said previously, every business owner needs a Steve!”


“Professional, Efficient, and an Excellent Advocate”

“Mr. Chanley has provided legal counsel to my business for over a decade and I have found him to be consistently responsive to my firms needs. He is very experienced and pleasant to work with, and we have found him to deliver value that far exceeds his fees.”


“Master of His Craft”

“Steve has been assisting us in various business endeavors for nearly 15 years. He has always been our sole resource on employment law matters, but has also been incredibly helpful in lending his broad legal understanding to explain general business law. When we've had needs outside his area of expertise, he has referred us to some equally brilliant attorneys in their respective specialties. Steve treats every matter with the care and effort that makes you feel like family. He has also always billed very generously and far more fairly than most attorneys we've engaged. Steve gives me the confidence to trust his advice and removes the stigma of needing to hire an attorney. I can't recommend him highly enough!”


“Brilliant and always on top of things.”

“I was introduced to Steve by a counsel at Morrison & Forrester. Over the past few years, Steve has been representing me in an employment dispute involving equity compensation. Steve’s understanding of the nuances of the law is truly exceptional. His dedication to advocate and fight for your rights and the attention to detail is noteworthy. Moreover he is very honest, forthright and very persistent. He will keep things rolling and coming up with new ideas to tackle problems despite the pressure. I can always count on him. Highly recommended!”


“Great service to even small clients”

“We have a small business in San Luis Obispo with about 8 to 10 employees at any given time. Upon the recommendation of another attorney, we retained Steve to represent us when an employee claimed we had discriminated against them. I appreciated that Steve was aggressive in his strategy without incurring excessive hours. I feel that he always explains the options available to us at each step and respects our direction. Steve was sensitive to the small size and limited resources of our company, but I have never felt that I got less than his best service because of our company size. In fact, Steve has responded very quickly when we have had minor employee issues. Steve’s counsel is spiced with just a bit of wit and humor, which helped us get through emotionally charged issues. In my previous career, I had to work with several major law firms and internal corporate counsels. I find Steve’s professionalism and service to be on par with any of the attorneys I have worked with.”


“A fine attorney”

“I have worked with Steve for about ten years on employee litigation and personnel practices matters. I recommend him highly. On the litigation front we have been involved with cases in which the matters have been withdrawn, settled and gone through trial and judgement. I found Steve to be knowledgeable about the law, thoughtful and creative about case management strategy and tactics, and having a keen insight into dealing with both federal and state labor agencies. He has advised us on our personnel practices. His advice enabled us improve the quality and fairness of our staff administration and positioned us well in cases in which our employer/employee relationship became adversarial. Steve is thoughtful, calm and persuasive. These are valuable traits when dealing with issues of fairness, the letter and spirit of the law and the “settle” vs. litigate decision.”


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