November 2023

Great service to even small clients

We have a small business in San Luis Obispo with about 8 to 10 employees at any given time. Upon the recommendation of another attorney, we retained Steve to represent us when an employee claimed we had discriminated against them. I appreciated that Steve was aggressive in his strategy without incurring excessive hours. I feel that he always explains the options available to us at each step and respects our direction. Steve was sensitive to the small size and limited resources of our company, but I have never felt that I got less than his best service because of our company size. In fact, Steve has responded very quickly when we have had minor employee issues. Steve’s counsel is spiced with just a bit of wit and humor, which helped us get through emotionally charged issues. In my previous career, I had to work with several major law firms and internal corporate counsels. I find Steve’s professionalism and service to be on par with any of the attorneys I have worked with.

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