“Excellent service, focus, and commitment–highly recommended”

“I solicited Steve Chanley’s services on the advice of a business associate who had a positive experience with him. This was after trying two other lawyers in my area. So, my review here is based not only on Steve's performance in and of itself, but also as it compares to others in his field with whom I have had direct experience. Simply put, Steve's performance is heads and shoulders above the others, and in fact the best experience I have ever had with any lawyer. I highly recommend Steve Chanley--and no, we are not related nor am I being paid for this review! He is just very talented, and an overall great guy- and I simply desire for him much continued success.”


“Talk about being there for me!”

“I am a financial planner and left my job after 8 years to start my own practice. I was referred to Steve from one of his existing clients who was also very pleased with Steve's expertise. Steve was prepared, available, informative, strong, clear and absolutely decisive at my most critical points. He guided me every step of the way, communicated with the opposing attorneys, and made sure I was completely prepared for how to legally and competently defend of my interests. I would recommend Steve to anyone who needs employment and trade secret-related legal work and who wants a good connection to a real and caring attorney”


“Caring, exceptionally sharp and balanced”

“Mr Chanley is a top notch lawyer. I've had to work with lawyers many times in litigious matters and nobody has filled the role with such a great combination of care and intelligence. I immediately built a trust that he was not in it simply to pad his billing hours. Rather, he wanted to find a resolution to the matter that made the most sense for me by being pragmatic. He always kept in mind the bigger picture of solving the dispute with the least amount of heartache and time if this made the most sense, but also pushing hard against the opposition if this made the most sense. And I had this strong sense of confidence in Mr. Chanley's knowledge and clarity in what was the right path to take, yet I always knew that the choice was mind to make ultimately. He is very intelligent, and resourceful. But for me, most importantly, I always felt safe, cared about, and represented very professionally. In short, I WAS IN VERY GOOD HANDS.!”


“Client Review”

“Steven Chanley is an outstanding attorney. I have complete faith that when legal issues arise within my company, he will provide me with sound legal solutions. Steve is extremely easy to talk to and fully explains, to my understanding, the procedures and processes involved in the issues. I highly recommend his services.”


“Professional, Efficient, and an Excellent Advocate””

“Mr. Chanley has provided legal counsel to my business for over a decade and I have found him to be consistently responsive to my firms needs. He is very experienced and pleasant to work with, and we have found him to deliver value that far exceeds his fees.”


“Master of His Craft”

“Steve has been assisting us in various business endeavors for nearly 15 years. He has always been our sole resource on employment law matters, but has also been incredibly helpful in lending his broad legal understanding to explain general business law. When we've had needs outside his area of expertise, he has referred us to some equally brilliant attorneys in their respective specialties. Steve treats every matter with the care and effort that makes you feel like family. He has also always billed very generously and far more fairly than most attorneys we've engaged. Steve gives me the confidence to trust his advice and removes the stigma of needing to hire an attorney. I can't recommend him highly enough!”


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