Wage-Hour Litigation

Wage-Hour Litigation

Wage-Hour law is currently the most contentious area of Employment Law in California and represents the bulk of employment-related lawsuits filed.  The Labor Code and the Industrial Welfare Commission regulations create a labyrinth of issues for employers, and the ever-changing laws sometimes defy common sense or workplace realities.

EAG defends businesses in every type of wage-hour claim, from single-plaintiff claims to class actions, from Labor Commissioner and Department of Labor wage claims to lawsuits filed in state or federal court.  EAG also provides compliance guidance to employers, to prevent claims from ever arising and to put companies in the best position to defend themselves if they do.

EAG handles all of the following types of wage-hour issues, among others:

  • Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”) suits
  • Missed Rest Breaks and Meal Periods
  • Overtime exemption misclassification
  • Independent contractor misclassification
  • Improperly calculated wages
  • Alleged “off-the-clock” work
  • Class actions

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