Whistleblower Claims

Whistleblower Claims

Many federal, state, and local laws are specifically designed to encourage and protect employees to report suspected illegal activities by their employers or members of their management team.  Reporting suspected unsafe working conditions or suspected illegal business practices are classic examples of protected employee whistleblowing.

These reporting laws were enacted to serve the important societal function of ferreting out illegal activities and to protect employees from retaliation.  However, these laws can also be abused by employees who lack a reasonable and good faith basis for complaints to government agencies, and who are motivated instead by a desire to harm a company or members its management.

EAG has significant experience in defending all manner of employee whistleblower claims,

  • Alleged violation of California Labor Code section 1102.5
  • Retaliation claims under the California Fair Employment & Housing Act
  • Retaliation claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
  • Wrongful termination in violation of public policy based on reporting alleged violation of constitutional, statutory, or regulatory law.

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